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Moving Feet Opening Minds is our new international Vocational Educational Training (VET) project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Moving Feet Opening Minds targets a wide spectrum of learners from five UK VET providers and staff from these and seven international partners. This project offers learners from the UK the opportunity to take part in a VET project; a unique experience abroad that will enhance their employability by helping them gain confidence, life and work skills (methodology and tools), but also develop wider horizons and open their minds to opportunities they could have if they remain in this field of study.


Moving Feet Opening Minds


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'How To' Guides


Guide to completing a husbandry routine and general maintenance at the aruba donkey sanctuary:

Guide to preparing an animal for a veterinary procedure:

Guide to preparing the visitor centre at the aruba donkey sanctuary:

Low Season Bird Keeper:


Trainees raise money for their VET project in Aruba.


Trainees hold an exhibition to share their experience about their VET project in Martinique.


Trainees organise an exhibition about their VET project in Aruba.

New exhibition at Askham Bryan College – this time about the VET project in Malta.

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Presentation VET project - Sport Coaching in Sweden.

Poster VET project in Croatia by Askham Bryan College.

Projects Guides





Qamar's sport coach VET project in Martinique

Tyrone's sport coach VET project in Martinique

Erasmus+ project in Malta - Vocational Educational Training

Erasmus+ project in Aruba - Vocational Educational Training

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Testimonies from our local partners

We have also asked local partners who’ve been sending and accompanying students in their VET project, to tell us a bit more about the mythology they used to ensure that trainees made the best out of this training project as part of their course; and about the impact that the project had on their students. The feedback has been incredible. Here are some of the remarks we received:


  • This opportunity has enabled their CV’s and applications to stand out from the crowd and has increased the young person’s confidence to enable them to GO for these opportunities.” says Chloe Walker from Newton Rigg College (part of Askham Bryan College) after a VET project in Aruba.


  • “As some of them even stated in their exhibition [developed at their return], this experience has helped them further their knowledge in a subject area in which they plan to pursue as a career in future.” Says Simon Jepson from Askham Bryan college after taking a his student for a VET project in Malta.


  • “I believe and witnessed during the two weeks, our young people learning how to plan and implement sessions, cope with challenges situations with regards to the language barrier, finding ways to communicate their points, strategizing to level to achieve their outcomes. Self confidence has grown in many, eyes have been opened to a world and life outside of Wigan, England.” Says Kevin Perry from Wigan Warriors after taking his student on a VET project in Martinique.


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Testimonies from our hosting partners

We’ve also contacted our hosting partners asking them more about the methods they’ve used to support our trainees and the impact trainees had on their local community. Once again we’ve been extremely pleased with their responses:


  • Our partners from Youth in the Town (Martinique) for example said: “The various club members were always very enthusiastic about receiving the English trainees because they clearly noticed a drastic change in their players”


  • “Meeting people from another country and learning about their way of living and their thoughts creates an understanding and curiosity for other people which is very important in this world.” Also said our partners from IDEUM (Sweden)


Click here to read all testimonies.  

Infographics: study showing the incredible impact this project had on the participants

At the end of the project we sent to all participants a survey to know a bit more about the impact that this project has had on their life. The response has been fantastic as we received nearly 120 responses. The positive aspect of their responses really show the huge impact of MFOM. In order to showcase those results in a powerful way, we produced some infographics.


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