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Empowered From Within

Empowered from Within has been developed with participant progression in mind. It targets 73 people in the labour market unable to find employment. Empowered from Within is about 'helping people move from the point they are to a point closer to where they want to be'. The project has a big emphasis on empowerment of participants and helping individuals to reach their full potential. The programme targets all PLM with an emphasis on young people under 30 with fewer opportunities and those from minority ethnic groups. This project has an eclectic mix of opportunities, offering a variety of durations, host countries and thematic fields. We will send trainees from the UK to eight countries, Norway, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Netherlands (Aruba), Malta, France and Reunion Island for periods of between 2 and 26 weeks. The thematic fields include vocational placements with animals (cats or donkeys) with agricultural and farming, in carpentry, education, sport, music and disability. We have included a wide range of thematic fields in order to widen participation. We have selected a variety of durations so the opportunities can be matched to trainees rather than candidates needing to fit into a fixed inflexible opportunity. Participants will be offered a comprehensive support package including preparation, transition into the vocational placement (often supported further by an accompaniment) evaluation and follow up support post placement, with additional social and cultural activities arranged throughout the placement to add value to the experience for trainees. Empowered from Within is built on a strong partnership developed over the last five years with eight of the partners being on our current or previous applications, allowing us to further develop good practice with these partners and build on lessons learnt. We have also however included three new partners and countries who we are not currently cooperating with in order that Empowered from Within does not merely recreate previous successfully completed LdV projects.

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