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Go Further Reach Higher

Go Further Reach Higher Training and Networking project was a project aimed at mobilising 35 youth workers (who support young people with fewer opportunities). These youth work staff were offered a variety of opportunities to attend either a training seminar in the UK (at the start of the project) or one of the immersion experiences in a partner country (Malta, Aruba, Italy, Sweden or the UK) where youth workers will be integrated into local activities. Participants were a mixture of either newly qualified youth workers/those still in training or experienced, long-term youth workers with a great deal of competence in a local context to share with others.


All but one partner were experienced in either the Lifelong Learning or the Youth in Action programme and are enthusiastic to co-operate under Erasmus+, this made the co-operations deep and meaningful and the new partner was easily integrated into the activities. The objectives of Go Further Reach Higher Training and Networking was to encourage participants to have higher aspirations for both their professional development and also for the young people they support and more specifically

  • to gain an insight into youth work in a similar field in other EU countries

  • to gain experience assessing young people’s needs

  • to design learning activities across two different countries/cultures

  • to have an opportunity to plan and evaluate a project (this maybe in the country or may be their own learning experience)

  • to develop and be able to reflect on their capabilities – physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, social and emotional

  • to identify and accept their responsibilities (as individuals, group members and citizens)

  • to share good practice between partner organisation


The impact of this project has reached wider than the participants involved and those in the home institutions of the mobilised youthworker. We planned a visibility strategy which  included a website, however of greater importance than this was that all partners wished to co-operate further under future application rounds of Erasmus+, we we have managed to achieve by successfully applying for follow on activities in Youth and also with some partners in VET activities. Partners had the opportunity to use this project as a foundation for future activity where they built relationships with others in the network, gained a concrete knowledge of the administrative elements of Erasmus+ and met partners face to face in order to discover their ways of working and establish which partners would be appropriate for future co-operation.





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