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EVS Radioactive

Radioactive EVS is a project aimed to support young people through the media of radio as a tool for cooperation and international dialogue. The beneficiaries were 29 young people aged between 18 and 31 years and mostly with fewer opportunities.They were given an opportunity to have their first experience whilst gaining experience and competences in media and communication, especially airwave and web radio.The Radioactive EVS  project was held in UK, Sardinia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Our partners, all organisations working in international youth mobility both hosted and sent these young people for a volunteering service ranging from 2 to 4 weeks. During this period they offered these youngsters a non-formal education experience in media so that they could gain skills to contribute to their local communities after returning home. As in the initial application 4 organsations were involved in the project. Everything is Possible worked with an existing partner (TDM 2000) and welcomed new ones (Act Global and One Media Boracay Inc.) whilst implementing the Radioactive EVS project. This was possible thanks to more than 15 years-experience in youth mobility and the success of the last Youth in Action projects and Lifelong Learning programmes we coordinated and organised. The activities were successful implemented by our partners. They helped the youngsters to gain intercultural skills through non-formal learning in media. Regarding the service periods varied accordingly to the hosting countries. In Uk the service lasted 2 weeks. In Philippines it had the same period but was organised in 2 rounds. In Indonesia and in Sardinia 2  services were held with 1 month each, also in two rounds.

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Activities in the UK

Activities in the Philippines

BCB Radio interview


Interview Indonesian volunteers

Interview volunteers from Philippines


Activities in Sardinia

Activities in Indonesia

RadioActive Boracay EVS LIVE Interview on FM 106.1

Listen to Team “Jackfruit” (RadioActive Boracay EVS Group-01) as Guest DJs and co-hosts of Boracay Insider on RB106.

Listen to Group 02 Team Manoc Manoc Radio Show on RB106


Video created by Bianca Gerald during her project in Indonesia