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The Green Message

The "Green Message" is a 16 day group EVS project which should involved 30 participants from five different countries (Estonia, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden) and the UK.


The main activities will take place at Beacons Festival and Leeds Music Festival – one of the biggest festivals in the country at which the capacity in 2012 was 80,000 people.


During the festivals, Volunteers will oversee the recycling of drinks receptacles and encourage other campers to recycle their rubbish by dispensing refuse sacks around the public campsites and creating recycling points for campers to be able to separate their waste. After the festival volunteers will be involved in the salvaging of good quality camping equipment that abandoned by other festival goers. This equipment is dried, sorted, cleaned and redistributed to local community groups, charities and local people in the days following the festival. Volunteers will also be involved in the local promotion of this distribution event.


One of the main themes for the project is environmental awareness and participants will be surrounded by the green message both during the activities and at the training that they will receive at the start of the project. The underlying theme however will be that of inclusion. The activities are designed so that language will not be a barrier to any of the participants opening the experience to anyone regardless of their education or background.


This project is supported by the British Council and the Youth In Action programme of the European Union.

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