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Rethink Reuse Recycle Repeat

This was a short-term, group EVS that brought together 30 young people from 7 European countries (Italy, Estonia, Sweden, France, Germany, Poland and Ireland) to the UK to take part in a 16 day EVS project in the Yorkshire. The project was based around 2 contrasting music festivals where the volunteers worked alongside local workers and volunteers to promote recycling and the sustainability of music festivals.


One of the main themes of the project was inclusion. The participants came from all walks of life and we had people with very different backgrounds working side-by-side. Knowledge of the English language wasn’t essential for this project as much of the work was practical and so we were able to host all types of volunteers.


At Leeds festival the volunteers managed to recycle tonnes of alluminium and steel from discarded beer cans, as well as salvaging hundreds of tents and other good quality camping equipment for donation to local organisations who will be able to put it to good use.

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BCB Radio Interview


Impact on local community