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Active European Youth

The project included Everything Possible CIC’s six coordinated host projects, which are based in Leeds and the local area.  - South Parade Baptist Church (SPBC), Leeds Youth Service, Thorner School, Thorner Pre School, BEES, The British Red Cross. The type of EVS projects will include volunteering with children and youths through non formal learning, there were a range of age ranges benefiting from these projects from 3 – 19 year olds. The themes of the host projects centred around European Awareness and Youth Leisure. Through non formal activities the volunteers worked with the young people in a European dimension through increasing awareness of Europe through, language, culture and food. The participation of young people in EVS was a priortity in all these projects and with 2011 being the year of the European Volunteer this project aimed to provide positive role models in communities, some of which are disadvantaged.


The objectives set were in line with the European Year of the Volunteer 2011, both the volunteers and the host organisations were able to promote young peoples citizenship. The project supported and provided a platform for volunteers to increase their understanding between young people in different countries through the accommodation provided by Everything Possible CIC and through the young people they worked with at their projects. The volunteers lived together, share cultural experiences together in which there were 3 nationalities involved; Spain, France and Germany.


The duration of the project was 7 months from 5th January 2012 –  5th August 2012. The activities that the volunteers were involved in were all the non formal sessions and workshops that include the volunteer being creative and also participating in their own personal project. The learning outcomes and development was key to each placement, regular supervisions and three way meetings also including Everything Possible CIC staff ensured that this happened.  The methods to ensure learning outcomes were achieved is through the use of the YouthPass tool which has also been very sucessful during the 2010/2011 EVS placements.

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Leaflet created by one volunteer: