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Breaking Barriers

This particular project Breaking Barriers Building Partnerships focuses specifically but not exclusively on projects including youth with fewer opportunities.

This project will mobilise 94 volunteers from 10 contries and 2 continents, supporting young people from Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, French Guyana, Guadaloupe, Jamaica, Spain, Malta and the UK. Half of these will be young people with fewer opportunituies, those from minority groups, living in poverty or experiencing significant obstacles in their lives, such as time spent in prison, those with substance misuse problems and young parents.


All activities involve youth with fewer opportunities, either as the active volunteer or within the beneficiary host community. We have taken advantage of the opportunity to apply for a paralell action 3.2 project which if succesful will run in paralell to this project giving us great opportunity to increase our support for organisations working with this target group. The project will allow volunteer mobility across Europe and Latin America & the Caribbean and will introduce new partners to EVS as well as allowing Everything’s Possible to continue building relationships with existing partners. For the last ten years, Everything’s Possible staff have been co-operating with partners, through EVS, Youth and Youth in Action. Over the previous two years we have widened participation by increasing opportunities to target groups of young people with fewer opportunities, creating both sending & hosting placements under the banner of EVS.

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