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Suitcase Circus For Youth is an international social circus project between Europe and Latin America that will bring together 8 Youth organisations, with experience in the field of Circus, from 8 different countries.



General Objective:

Suitcase Circus for Youth will promote European co-operation in the field of Youth, supporting organisations in the development of quality programmes to allow young people to participate in quality local programmes and two international activities.




  • To improve the mobility of young people and youth workers, as well as youth employability.

  • To promote youth empowerment and active participation.

  • To promote cooperation and the exchange of experience and good practice in the field of youth and non-formal education.

  • To develop sustainable partnerships and networks between youth organisations.



Phase One - For this project we will begin with a professional Start-Up Seminar in order to ensure that all partners are delivering a similar content and quality to the young people whom they are supporting. The start-up seminar will be the platform for collaboration between partners.


Phase Two – The next phase will be local workshops where partners will recruit, train and support groups of 10 young people in each location in circus skills, the training workshops which will run up to six months.

Working methods used during these workshops will use practical hands on delivery methods, encouraging participation and critical thinking.


Phase Three – Will be the information campaign realised during the workshops and training and will allow to spread the impact of Suitcase Circus for Youth wider. We will create a large media campaign with a Website where partners will upload their activities and testimonies of participants.


Phase Four – Will bring together the young people participating in the programme for a culture and skills exchange at the Final International Seminar hosted in the UK and will allow professionals and youths to meet the people they have been virtually working with in order to, share methods and techniques and agree ideas for future co-operation.

The seminar will be supported by professionals from the respective organisations and will allow participants to celebrate the results of the circus training workshops , research and preparation they have been undertaking in their own country as well as giving wider visibility and a chance to disseminate the project wider. Celebration and evaluation activities will be included in this seminar.



This project is coordinated by Everything Is Possible in partnership with countries from Latin America and Europe and is supported by the Youth In Action programme of the European Union.

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